'95. 雪月花. Na Haju Do Japońskiego Raju. HYDE Polish Street Team. facebook.com/KakaShanimal https://twitter.com/KakaShanimal Siedlce, Warsaw, Tokyo, Mars


D’espairsray live photos 07/29/2014

source nihon_ongaku.vk

OOR in Poland →


So, my shitty country has an opportunity to see ONE OK ROCK live. And I’d want to ask you if you could vote for them?
All you have to do is:
~ click the link
~ rewrite the numbers
~ click “GŁOSUJĘ ZA”

You can vote for them 5 times per day… it really means a lot for me so if you could vote, share it or anything I’ll love you forever! (+ if you want you can send me “♥” and I’ll do blog rate for you)

Okay guys, that's urgent now. →


Ok, guys, I really hate doing things like this but I barely have any other choice. In less than two weeks (13 days to be precise) I am moving out of my hometown to London. I have already bought an one way ticket, and this is settled. This is my chance to escape…

(Źródło: the-reclusive-wanker)

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