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Okay guys, that's urgent now. →


Ok, guys, I really hate doing things like this but I barely have any other choice. In less than two weeks (13 days to be precise) I am moving out of my hometown to London. I have already bought an one way ticket, and this is settled. This is my chance to escape…

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TSUKASA (via therayinmydespair)

D’espairsRayというバンドは解散しても、 きっと、ずっといつまでもみんなの心や記憶に生き続ける世界一かっこいいバンドです。
“Even if the band called D’espairsRay disbanded, their memory as the world’s best band will no doubt always carry on in everybody’s hearts.”

ZERO (via humancladmonster)

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I believe that D’espairsRay will meet everyone again on stage. After all in darkness it falls, remember?
The miracle.
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